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Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(India)

ASIAN ELEPHANTS: Past, Present and Future.

Authors : Swain, Debabrata
ISBN : 81-7089-310-0
Published Year : 2004
Pages : pp. x+ 226 and 12 colour plates.



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The Book narrates with an extraodinary skill and erudition, many new and outstanding feature of the grave threats to the Asian Elephants cooped up in small forest blocks fragmentation of habitats with devastated corridors caused by human artefacts, encroachments, unbridled mining preventing their movement from one feeding ground to another, thus making them restive within small confinements. Enriched with tell tale photographs, the book seeks to enjoy the first distinction of projecting the rock engravings at the “Hati-Gumpha”(Elephant Cave) and other histotical sites, its visible presence in motifs in Orissan arts, and architecture.The book enjoys yet another distinction of projecting ground realities and practical experiences of the author, an elephant expert, instead of harping on theoretical assumptions thus making the book a prized possession of scholars, researchers, wildlife buffs, ecologists, environments, managers of PAs(Protected Areas) and Elephant Reserves. Many of the creative ideas in this masterpiece can help planners to spell out strategies to deal with man- elephant conflicts.