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Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(India)

Forest Nursery and Tree Husbandry

Authors : Gopikumar, K., Gopakumar, S., Anoop, E.V.
ISBN : 81-7089-301-1
Published Year : 2003
Pages : pp.viii+163



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Now a days there is increasing awareness among people about the role played by trees in controlling most of the environmental issues. Unfortunately, unlike agriculture or horticulture, raising of tree seedlings and plantations pose various problems mainly due to the lack of knowledge and expertise about the production of planting materials and its post planting management techniques. Although there is now a broad recognition of the need for tree plantations in various regions of the country, the non availability of suitable planting stock of good quality in fairly large quantities and good qualities is the biggest snag in executing planting programme. It is well established that growth and survival of seedlings are functions of initial vigour, growth rate and resistance to environmental stresses, pests and diseases. In order to maximize the success towards the final product, it is essential to raise seedlings in nurseries with proper care and management.

A thorough and scientific knowledge of various aspects of raising tree seedlings of commercial forest tree species in the nursery and its management strategies in the main field after planting is very essential for a viable afforestation programme. At present the information about the nursery aspects and management strategies of various tree species are not available in a comprehensive manner. The purpose of this book is to consolidate and compile all available information under one cover “Forest nursery and Tree husbandry”, which will serve as a ready reckoner for seedling producers, nursery men and all others engaged in forestry programme. This book covers all scientific aspects related to nursery, cultural and management techniques of all hard wood and soft wood tree species.
This book is written lucidly by the experts in this field at College of Forestry, Kerala Agricultural University,Vellanikkara without detracting from the thoroughness of the scientific content and comprehension. Management prescriptions of all the tree species are very authentic and informative. This book will be extremely useful to teachers, researchers, students, practicing foresters and farmers who are engaged in forestry or tree husbandry programme.