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Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(India)

Forestry: At A Glance

Authors : Ashok, Kumar
ISBN : 81-7089-378-X, 13 9788170893783
Published Year : 2016
Pages : x + 808



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The book entitled "Forestry: At a Glance" attempts to tackle this moving target by furnishing a good overview of the forestry background, outlining a range of current technologies and discussing a wide variety of applications and future prospects in forests. This text book will find profound utility by the students towards preparation of civil and state service examinations, ICAR Net and Scientists examinations, JRF and SRF examinations and University PG and Ph.D entrance examinations besides meeting other competitive demands of Professional graduates. The book has been designed particularly for the undergraduates, post-graduates, and state forest service, UPSC examinations related to forestry. High priority was given to making the book concerning the various topics of forestry science.

It covers the almost all subject related to forest ., current forestry, principles and practices of silviculture, silvicultural systems, plantation forestry, agroforestry, social forestry, nursery technology, wasteland management, forest mensuration and management, forest inventory and remote sensing, forest tree improvement, forest surveying and leveling, forest soil and moisture conservation, water conservation and irrigation technologies, forest protection, forest policies and legislations, forest ecology and biodiversity conservation, forest utilization, wood science technology, geology and soil science, environmental science, forest economics, extension education and communication methods, ethno-botany and forest tribology, wildlife management and conservation.


1, General Forestry
2, Principles of Silviculture
3, Practice of Silviculture
4, Silvicultural Systems
5, Plantation Forestry
6, Agroforestry
7, Social Forestry and Wasteland Management
8, Nursery Technology and Management
9, Forest Management
10, Forest Mensuration
11, Forest Sampling and Inventory
12, Forest Tree Improvement
13, Forest Entomology
14, Forest Pathology
15, Forest Surveying and Leveling
16, Forest Soils and Moisture Conservation
17, Water Conservation and Irrigation
18, Forest Protection
19, Forest Policies and Legislations
20, Forest Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
21, Forest Utilization
22, Non Timber Forest Produces
23, Wood Science and Technology
24, Geology and Soil Science
25, Environmental Science
26, Forest Economics
27, Extension Education and Communication
28, Ethno-Botany and Tribology
29, Wildlife Management and Conservation
30, Miscellaneous