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Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(India)

Teak:Ecology, Silviculture, Management & Profitability

Authors : Bebarta, K.C.
ISBN : 81-7089-262-7
Published Year : 2006
Pages : pp.viii+382



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This book provides the facts and figures on subjects like ecology, Silviculture, productivity, utilization, management of teak forest extensively. It deals with all aspects of teak relating to the field ecology, site suitability, Plant growth, nutrient dynamics, methods of irrigation, timber gradation, thinning practices, and identification of compatible area for teak growing, profitability in teak plantation project, teak plantation project management. The current knowledge on various aspects of teak management practices has been added to make the book immensely useful to all who are involved in teak projects, either in the field of scientific research or in the field of forestry practices or in the field of investment on plantation.