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Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(India)

The Flora Sylvatica for Southern India, 3 Vols.

Authors : Beddome, R. H.
Published Year : 1869-74
Republished Year : 1978
Pages : pp.800 text with Figs, Plates.

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These three volumes describe the trees throughout India. The Following are the main headings under which the history of each tree is treated: 1. Geographical distribution, influence of soil, aspect, elevation, associates (other trees, and bamboos, etc). its worth as an avenue tree, or as a tree, for ornament or shade. 2. Mood of growth, size age. 3. Rate of growth. 4. Bark. 5. Time of flowering, ripening and shedding seed. 6. Germination. 7. Reproduction from seed. 8. Reproduction from shoots. 9. Diseases, insects and other enemies, death. 10. The wood and full particulars of its character and use. 11. All the use of the tree and its different parts and descriptions will make the identification of each tree an easy matter.