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Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(India)

Worlds' Worst Weed its impact and utilization

Authors : Abbasi, S. A.
ISBN : 81-7089-354-2
Published Year : 1993
Pages : pp.xvi+224



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Distribution of Salvinia; depletion of water resources and hindrance to water use by Salvinia; Environmental impact of Salvinia; control of Salvinia; Utilisation of Salvinia; Anaerobic digestion; Feasibility studies on Salvinia for energy production; Effect of weed: Water ratio on bio-gas production from Salvinia; Effect of temperature On biogas production from aquatic fern Salvinia; Bio-energy potential of eight common aquatic weeds; Survivability and growth of Salvinia molesta (Mitchell) over water treated with heavy metals and subsequent utilisation of the harvested weeds for energy (Bio-mass) production; Use of aquatic weed Salvinia As full/ partial feed in commercial bio-gas disasters; Design and performance elevation of a fern shredder; Studies on multiphase Anaerobic digestion of aquatic weed Salvinia; Productivity (Net primary production) in natural waters.