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Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(India)

A Manual of Indian Timbers

Authors : Gamble, J. S.
ISBN : 81-7089-283-X
Published Year : 1922
Republished Year : 2002
Pages : pp xxvi+894; Many Figs and Plates



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The book presents the detailed account of the growth, distribution and uses of trees and shrubs of India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The complete area has been divided into the forest regions on the basis of the geographical positions and the edapho-climatic conditions. The main species found in these regions have also been mentioned according to their family with their botanical review with special emphasis on the wood anatomy of the timber yielding trees to impart the knowledge of the character, structure and other peculiarities. The comparative account of the species of various genera of the family has also been given. The description of the species deals with the detailed aspects and generalized wood structure of the corresponding family to which it belongs. The description covers the size and appearance of the tree; evergreen or deciduous; mode of branching and the nature of the bark. Infrastructure of the information about the wood covers both, the heartwood and sap wood along with its morphological and anatomical aspects. The book also presents briefly the area of use of the species.
Detailed illustrations have also been supplemented by the index on the basis of European, scientific and vernacular names to facilitate the literature search on their basis.