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Dehradun, Uttarakhand.(India)

Johnson's Gardeners Dictionary and Cultural Instructor


This flora is contained in three volumes. Volume 1 describes 500 species from the area of the two plateaus which range from 6, 500 to 8,500 feet above sea level. Exotic and some new species are mentioned. Volume 2 consists of 286 …


This is a treatise on ornithology, more than an attempt to include in it all the names under which birds, even the commonest are known. The alphabetical order has been deliberately adopted in the preference to the taxonomic study.


The Silviculture of Indian Trees    (T.B) NEW 


Laboratory analysis of Quaternary materials; Sample documentation, Preparation and Storage; Basic laboratory Techniques and procedures; The Physical composition and analysis of regolith materials; Appendices.


The book presents the detailed account of the growth, distribution and uses of trees and shrubs of India and Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The complete area has been divided into the forest regions on the basis of the geographical …


This book deals with the identification of viruses, dealing mainly with phyto-pathological aspects of plant virology.


Now a days there is increasing awareness among people about the role played by trees in controlling most of the environmental issues. Unfortunately, unlike agriculture or horticulture, raising of tree seedlings and plantations …


Part I Introduction to Coffee; Comparative analysis; Part II Coffee in Brazil; Coffee in Colombia; Coffee in Costa Rica; Coffee in Kenya; Coffee in Rwanda; Coffee in Cameroon; Coffee in Ivory Coast; Coffee in Indonesia.


Part 1- Introduction; Part 2- Basic aspects of soil and water conservation; Part 3- Characterization of soils and climates in relation to the Erosion Hazard; Part 4- Management of Erosion control; Part 5- Farming systems and …


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